Halibut House is a proudly Canadian company founded in the charming town of Port Perry, Ontario in 2004. The founding couple, Julie and Ken, arrived in Canada as refugees, and dedicated themselves to bettering their lives. Julie arrived from Cambodia when she was seventeen in search of the Canadian dream. She spent her time learning the Canadian way of life while working several jobs to make a living. She eventually found her love in food service resulting in the eventual creation of the Halibut House. Together with her husband, they worked tirelessly for years perfecting their craft, often working seven days a week, and over fourteen hours a day. Hard work, learning, and passion has continued to be an emphasis for their business and their commitment to providing a quality experience has led to the growth of the Halibut House chain.

Today, Halibut House sources only quality ingredients using local Ontario potatoes for their fresh cut fries and using only wild and sustainably caught, chemical free fish. Our fish is then lightly battered to give our customers that juicy satisfaction of taking that great crisp bite.

Being a family business, family has continued to be the core value of the Halibut House brand. Every single location is run by a member of their local community, who genuinely care and are always looking to improve. Halibut House is a place to see friendly faces for quick service and great quality food.

Thank you for coming in to visit our family today.
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  •  - FISH

    All of our seafood are sustainably caught and chemical free. Our seafood has no preservatives and is sent to us frozen – only to be thawed right before cooking to ensure the freshest taste without any chemical additives or preservatives. We only use premium cuts of the highest quality seafood.

  •  - POTATO

    Our potatoes are provided by Ontario farmers- because good things grow in Ontario. We use two varieties of potatoes throughout the year to ensure that we have the best crop available for the freshest potatoes.

  •  - FISH

    Our fish are each hand filleted to the perfect size for a beautiful even cook.

  •  - POTATO

    A labour of love. We use an automatic peeler to take off seventy percent of the skin; leaving just enough on to get that wonderful earthy natural taste. Each one of our potatoes are then hand chipped and blanched ready to be cooked to order. We don’t add any additional seasoning as we want you to enjoy the great potato flavour and allow our guests to salt to their liking.

  •  - THE COOK

    All of our fish are dipped in our signature light batter packed with flavour and fried in soy bean oil for less fat and healthier taste. Each bite offers a satisfying crisp and made from a batter without beer, eggs, or dairy.


    Our hand-chipped potatoes are then thrown in a separate fryer at a lower temperature to get that fluffy interior with a crisp exterior. We serve them au-natural without any seasoning but encourage our guests to salt to their liking.


    Each one of our ingredients in house are picked for their freshness, tastiness, and health wise benefits. There simply isn’t a wrong choice – feel free to ask questions about any of our products and our team will be happy to help.


    No matter whether you’re coming in for a quick hello for take out or going for the full experience and dining in with us you’ll always be greeted with a smile and a hello. We’re happy that your family chose ours and look forward to sharing a meal with you.